July 24, 2017

Episode 6: And I Want a Sequel To That

We start off this ride talking about Neill Blomkamp’s movie short Rakka and the formation of his new studio, Oats Studio. Jesse and Matt have both watched The Lobster and they both are on two totally different sides on this one. Somehow, in the midst of the conversation they do find a common ground and that is...fat Russell Crowe. No and you are right, he is not in The Lobster. Next up Matt wants us to discuss our favorite movies scores. For some reason Hans Zimmer comes up a lot in this portion of the show. We round out the show with a short take on The Void, All Eyes on Me, Cars 3, and Gone with the Wind. Yep, Gone With the Wind. Hit the play button to see where this all goes and we hope you enjoy it.

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