August 9, 2019

Episode 50: The Mo-town Philly Spider-Man

Comparing the dulcet tones of the Bawlmer and Philly accents leads the gang into wishing for the days before the YouTube algorithm. Matt’s got an idea for a new segment, so we revisit some old recs and start keeping score. We spend far too long sorting out Skarsgards and Sarsgaards. Dak ticks off a whole new demographic. We’ve all seen Spider-Man: Far from Home, and our reactions run the gamut: Dak is both worried and excited for the future, but Amanda sees a lot to love.  Jesse doesn’t want to be the Comic Book Guy, but finds himself fact-checking anyway. Is this the Endgame hangover or an entry point to a whole new MCU? We wrap up by digging into Aziz Ansari’s comeback attempt. Can you have an apology tour without an apology?

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