April 16, 2019

Episode 43: The Feminist Superhero Girl Next Door

The BPS gets political, finally taking a stand on . . . gerrymandering? Matt goes up Schitt’s Creek with his love for Catherine O’Hara. We weigh the pros and cons of bingeing the MCU for profit and fame, and how Iron Man 3 stands the test of time. But before we get to Endgame, we get to know the newest hero in the MCU family. Jesse renews his stake in the Skrulls, Dak doesn’t dig on a young Nick Fury, but Matt is feeling that 90s vibe.  The guys give Amanda free reign to get all of her Captain Marvel feels out and boy are there a lot feels. We get our Endgame anxieties out in the open. All of this, plus Jesse’s psychedelic folk guitar pick of the month.

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