November 15, 2018

Episode 34: Figure Out Where This One’s Going

The guys felt left out of ranking the Chrises, so they pick their favorite Emmas for posterity. Matt wrote off the Star Wars Universe but finally saw Solo. Does young Han deliver redemption or is this the final nail in the SW coffin? The guys ponder the possibilities of a new Joker, a new Spiderman, video games vs movies, and a new Coen Brothers project. Matt makes a case for Jack Ryan and Jesse is intrigued by Manifest, but what does it take for an tv series to grab our attention? Then we play one our favorite games: Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck? When is Amanda coming back?

(Note: Amanda wasn’t here for this episode, but she would like to state for the record that the guys are wrong about Captain Marvel. The Future is Female.)

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