As the guys continue to trudge through this pandemic, they finally get back together to discuss what everyone is watching. Jesse has only watched one Transformers movie and thinks Bumble Bee is the worst of the saga, Amanda further expounds on her beef with Tom Cruise, Matt found a show better than his baby Westworld, and Dak goes full on teenie bopper slumber party dishing about a recent episode of Insecure. Listen closely while social distancing.

We’re quarantined and we’ve all been dealing with it differently. Matt feels personally attacked, Dak can only do one Jason Bateman vehicle at a time, Amanda is pretending she’s not obsessed with Chris Evans, and Jesse is rediscovering his love for Michael Jordan. We sort out streaming options, talk Rebels and Clone Wars, explain Westworld, and never actually get around to talking about the one movie we said we were going to.

Amanda and Dak are practicing good social distancing, so they went remote for this episode. We're checking in with each other, and sharing our distractions and coping methods. For Amanda, it's all about familiar comforts while Dak goes a bit . . .  Darker.

Amanda, Dak, and Matt are done with The Oscars, but ready to take on racism in Hollywood. And society? Dak is listening to the plight of the White Man, while Amanda and Matt fit neatly into their own stereotypes. Dak’s excited for that Mel Gibson biopic. Amanda drops some video game love with Sonic. We compare and contrast Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and The Rock to see who comes out on top, and Matt doubles down on Conan the Barbarian. Matt’s making the case for The Expanse for all wayward Game of Thrones fans. Dak is adjusting to the streaming life, and finding joy in classic game shows.

Dak is working on his interviewing skills, so he’s got a few questions before we get started, and it opens up a big can of worms. Dak has questions about Al Pacino after watching Hunters. Amanda admits she hasn’t watched The Wire yet and gets a new assignment. Matt isn’t sure he can trust Amanda’s take on Harley Quinn. Jesse has a radical proposal for making a Godzilla movie: kill all the humans. Matt finally weighs in on 1917, so the whole BPS gang gets to enjoy it again.

Is there anything Jason Bateman can’t do? Dak is weighing up Larry David shows, again. Amanda learns how to spell J.B. Smoove. We try to make sense of Jojo Rabbit and his Nazi pals. Jesse shares his daughter’s review of Mary Poppins. We check in on a few of our favorite scifi series, and Matt can’t wait for one . . . and can’t be bothered with another. The guys talk over unrealistic body expectations in Hollywood, and we all decide that, hey, we’re fine with this. Plus, we check in on the Facebook group to talk about tv.

Three Years in and another year at the movies is wrapped! Covering all the bases, from flops to favs (and sometimes both at once). Jesse and Amanda call audibles on their own picks, and Jesse has a hot take on Will Smith. One movie was so bad that Dak blocked it out completely.  Matt has a fresh childhood heartbreak. Amanda gets a crash-course in Dolemite, Jesse summarizes Frozen 2 and we try to figure out where The Line is. We reveal our Top 3, and Amanda changes her rankings midway . . . twice.

How much would YOU pay for Baby Yoda?

While Amanda and Jesse are distracted with football updates, Matt has a plan for dealing with the haters; handy for Dak as Jesse starts hating on his recs. Dak gets his personal mission from the The Mandalorian and Amanda recounts the stages of joy and disbelief she went through the first time she saw Baby Yoda. Basically, we’re all gushing like new parents over here, We weren’t going to talk about Rise of Skywalker, but Amanda starts getting texts and Matt gets triggered. Ooops!

It’s part two of our Super Star Wars Crossover episode! Dak and Amanda sit down with Introverts Virginia and Steph to walk through the finer points of Rise of Skywalker: the big reveals, the epic battles, the coulda beens and the what the heck were they thinkings.


The year is off to a bumpy start, but Matt has some great news to share. Who will watch the Watchmen? Amanda hasn’t but the guys did! Jesse is reveling in the complexity of it all, while Dak is focused on all the details. Can a reinvention ever be better than the original? We’ve got some ideas, and we’re not trying to be didactic. Dak reminds us where we were in 2009, and Amanda and Jesse reflect on how far we’ve come.

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